About Us

The origins of Fox Designs started in the late 1950's when George C. Fox opened a company called Fox Ironworks in Camden , NJ . The company fabricated high quality ornamental ironwork.

In 1989, Mr. Fox's oldest son, George J. left his job in the windsurfing industry, moving back to Connecticut to join his father in business. In college, George J. studied sculpture in a variety of media, including steel, revealing an artistic sensibility and skill, leaning towards modern and more abstract styles. He began designing and sculpting modern furniture, giving the company an entirely new business direction, and the company soon became Fox Designs. This work continues today and each piece is signed and dated by the artist.

Having George J. join the business propelled the company from ornamental ironwork into the world of high-end, designer furniture, quickly becoming renowned throughout the U.S. for producing works of outstanding design and quality, focusing on modern steel and glass tables. Fox Designs produces a wide variety of exquisite modern furniture, available in hundreds of finish options, used in corporate and residential settings.

Entering the new millennium, the ever-curious eye of George C. Fox, began scouring his sources to come up with an innovative use of materials to produce what is now known as “stainless-steel cable railings.” Throughout a three-year period of constant experimentation, Mr. Fox perfected the process. These extraordinary modern railings are now custom designed and installed in a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from outdoor use on decks with scenic views, to interior usage in upscale restaurants. The cable railings allow for a much more clear and transparent view than traditional railings, while still meeting all required safety regulations. Not to mention the handsomely stark presence they add to any environment, greatly enriching the setting.

Based in Connecticut , Fox Designs produces and installs custom wrought iron work, stainless-steel cable railings, and an incredible line of hand-crafted, extremely high-quality, designer furniture.

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