Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Cable railings offer an alternative, modern treatment to balconies, porches, decks, stairs or lofts. They can be used indoors or outdoors. One of the primary benefits of using cable railings is that they do not obscure a scenic view, like many other railing options would do, such as wood or pipe railings. Cable railings provide a clean, modern look, as well as excellent safety, meeting all required building codes. Since Fox Designs uses stainless steel material for cable railings, they are extremely resilient to salt air near the ocean, where minimizing any obstruction of the view is strongly desired. Most cable railing installers will use off-the-shelf parts to assemble a cable railing. Fox Designs, however, will custom fabricate the cable railing to fit and compliment it’s architectural environment. We also handle all installations ourselves, so the project is seamless and successful. We’ve installed cable railings in places ranging from beach homes to haute couture restaurants, and our clients are always thrilled with the results.

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